Stake Dances

Updated 12/16/17   NEW items in red. 

2017 Dance Schedule

All dances are from 7:30-10:30pm unless noted.  Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, Parker, Parker South, and Columbine stakes constitute the 5 stakes that rotate hosting the dances. 

When the Highlands Ranch stake hosts a dance each ward should provide at least 2 chaperones (presumably a member of the bishopric, YW presidency, and/or YM presidency).  Wards are not required to provide chaperones dances hosted by other stakes.  A stake representative will be in attendance at all stake dances.  For additional details follow this link to the guide for chaperones. 

Click on the building name to see a map of the location where the dance will be held. 

Details for each dance, including theme and dress code, can be found by logging on to Facebook and searching for “Five Stake Dances”.

Click HERE to see Dance Dress Standards.  Youth are expected to follow these guidelines regardless of the dance theme.

Jan. 20: Timberline bldg:  Strength of Youth (SOY) 6:00pm-9:30pm.  Fireside, Dinner, Dance

Feb. 17: Timberline bldg; host Highlands Ranch

Mar. 17: Bayou Gulch bldghost Parker South

Apr. 21:  Newlin Meadows bldg; host Parker

May 19: Timberline bldg; 7-11 pm, host Highlands Ranch

June 16:  Bayou Gulch bldg; Parking Lot Dance, host Parker South

July 21: HR Stake Center, Parking Lot Dance;  host Columbine

Aug. 18: HR Stake Center, Parking Lot Dance; host Highlands Ranch

Sep. 15: Newlin Meadows bldghost Parker

Oct. 20:   Polson’s barn (Sedalia)host Castle Rock

Nov. 17: Timberline bldghost Columbine

Dec. 31: Timberline bldg: New Year’s Ever Dance, 8pm-midnight; host Castle Rock



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