Charter Renewal

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On this page you will find a basic overview on how to complete annual charter renewal along with some tips and clarifications.  Details may adjust annually as BSA systems change, but the basic approach should remain the same.

What is Charter Renewal?

Each year BSA renews its agreement with every Chartered Organization that sponsors a scouting unit.  In the church, each ward charters a cub scout pack, boy scout troop, varsity team, and venture crew.  Each of these “franchises” must be renewed, and there are certain requirements that must be met for this to occur (see below).

Also, this is a time to clean up the youth and adult records.  You will have the opportunity to add new youth and adults that are not shown on your rosters, remove youth and adults who have moved or been released or are no longer participating in scouting, and move adults and youth to their correct unit or position.  The list of adults and youth that is submitted with the charter renewal package should be an accurate representation of each unit as it will look effective March 1 (so if a young man turns 14 on Feb. 25, he should be included as a member of the Varsity Team because he will turn 14 before March 1)

Who is Responsible for Charter Renewal? 

Ultimately, the charter organization is responsible for renewing its charter.  Typically, this is delegated to the committee chair of each unit to see that the paperwork is in order and submitted on time.  In the stake, oftentimes unit commissioners have traditionally taken a leadership role in this effort.  It doesn’t really matter who does it as long as it gets done.  If committee chairs would like unit commissioners to drive the process that is fine, but their internet portal does not grant them access to the system unless they are added as a “plus one” to the key 3 of each unit.  If committee chairs decide to lead out on charter renewal, unit commissioners can be a valuable resource and will review the package before being submitted.

What is Needed for Charter Renewal?  How Can We Prepare? 

Refer to the 2016 LDS instructions for charter renewal.  It’s a basic premise likely to hold each year.

For the 3 boy scout units (troop, team, crew) each must have the following for charter renewal to be processed smoothly:

  1. a separate committee for each unit: a scout committee, team committee and crew committee.  During charter renewal you will be required to provide the names of people on 3 separate committees.  Each committee must consist of at least 3 people.  Each of those 3 people will need to be trained as the “committee chair” and/or “committee member” for that specific committee or committees if he/she is a member of multiple committees.  Typically, the scout committee chair will register as the committee chair for all 3 committees.  The chartered org rep will register as a member of all 3 committees.  The third member would be the unit leader for each–scoutmaster for the troop committee, varsity coach for the team committee, venture advisor for the crew committee.  Additional committee members would likely just be added to the scout committee.  Typically in the church these 3 committees function as a single committee but for recharter purposes we must show them separately.  In practice, each committee can meet separately if they’d like or they can combine and meet together.
  2. every adult who will be listed in the charter renewal MUST have current youth protection training (YPT) through May 1 of that year.  If any adult’s YPT will expire before May 1 he should renew it, ideally before Jan.1.  YPT aging reports should be run during October/November to determine who needs to update YPT.  This gives adults plenty of time to renew their certification.
  3. any adult who is currently serving in the troop, team, or crew or in one of their committees, and whose name is not showing up on the records of the unit, but complete and submit an Adult Application form and Disclosure form with the charter renewal package.  This application should also include a printed copy of the applicant’s YPT certificate.
  4. young men who have turned 18 and are registering as a member of the venture crew will need to submit an Adult Application and Disclosure form, and must also take youth protection training.  Even though they are still youth participants, they are considered adults for registration purposes and need to apply as such.  If these young men are done with scouting and will not advance in scouting or venturing, and do not want to receive further awards or scouting recognition, they may be left off the Venturing roster. If they are not yet an eagle scout and are working toward that objective, they must submit these forms in order to be properly registered with BSA.
  5. The Denver Area Council is considering requiring that the unit leader for each unit be BSA trained in order for charter renewal to be accepted.  This did not occur in 2016 but it could occur for 2017.  Since all training required to be BSA trained is not usually offered during January/February, all unit leaders should have this training completed long before the charter renewal process begins just in case this becomes a requirement.  All completed training must be recorded in the participant’s BSA profile.  If completed training is missing from a leader’s profile, work with your unit’s unit commissioner to get it recorded.
  6. In addition to staying out in front of the requirements listed above, units should participate in Roster Checks that happen twice per year.  The purpose of roster checks is to keep youth rosters current during the year, thereby minimizing the amount of changes that would otherwise occur during charter renewal.  See below for more details on roster checks.

General Timeline 

  • Nov/Dec:  district distributes charter renewal codes that are used to log in to each unit’s recharter portal.  Each units receives a code, and each unit is individually rechartered.  Any Key 3 member has access to the charter renewal portal, but the codes are used to create a single log in.  Once the code is used, that single log in is the only one that can subsequently be used by anybody working on charter renewal.
  • Preparation can be done before Jan.1 by creating the master list of accurate scouts for each unit and the adult leaders for each.
  • On or about Jan. 1 the charter renewal system online is open and the process can begin.  Review the current list of youth and adults for each unit.  Add and remove youth and adults as necessary to create an accurate view of the roster.  If adults are shown with expired YPT, those adults must take YPT and provide a printout of the completion certificate and that should be included in the charter renewal package that is submitted to the District.
  • If adult leaders are currently serving but are not showing up on the roster, those leaders should complete and submit an Adult Application and Disclosure form as part of the charter renewal package.
  • Once the adult and youth rosters are accurate, all necessary adult applications are completed, and all necessary YPT training certificates are printed, then the recharter paperwork can be printed from the system.  Once printed, there is a signature page that must be completed.  Then the complete package is hand-delivered to a District Executive.
  • If changes need to be made after the paperwork has been printed, the current system will not allow you back into the portal to make adjustments.  Therefore, you can hand write changes on the printouts themselves.  You can add or remove individuals, place them in different units, etc.  Whatever you write, just be sure it’s clear and it should be accepted.
  • No later than Feb. 14 each unit’s charter renewal papers must be printed, signed by the requested parties, and submitted to a unit commissioner and ultimately to a District Executive who will review the package and sign off on it.  This can be done by hand-delivering the package to the Scout Shop at Council HQ, February’s roundtable meeting, or a separate specified drop-off time at the stake center or Foothills Canyon building.
  • March 1:  if the charter renewal package has not been submitted, processed and accepted by March 1 the unit will be “suspended” by BSA, which means that scouts cannot advance (no boards of review can be held) and the unit loses access to BSA insurance.  The reason the package is submitted no later than Feb. 14 is so there is time for the documents to be processed and deficiencies to be addressed before March. 1.

Tips and Clarifications

  • If an adult is registering for multiple positions the cleanest way (not the most efficient) is to submit a separate application for each.  For example, a new scoutmaster who will also be a member of the scout committee can submit two applications, one for each position.
  • Double check every application form and confirm that it is completely filled out and that all required signatures are provided.  Be sure to include the Disclosure form which gives permission to BSA to complete a background check.  No application will be processed without this.  Also include a printed copy of a current YPT certificate.
  • If you are submitting a new adult application for an individual who also needs to sign the recharter paperwork, like a unit leader or bishop, the new leader should sign the documents and also provide an adult application form.


What is Roster Check? 

Usually twice per year the district works with each unit to update the youth rosters to keep them accurate.  This usually involves removing names of those who have moved, advancing those who have had birthdays and moved up to the next unit (i.e. from troop to team), and adding new young men who have joined a unit.  New registrations do not require a paper application if the name is on the master list generated by the stake (which means it was sourced from the MLS).

A master list of all young men in each ward is generated by the stake and provided to the ward.  This list has the name of every young man that that has a church record in the ward.  It is sorted by unit (troop, team, crew).   Each ward should scrub their list for accuracy (adding, deleting, and moving as necessary).  Also, any young men who are actively participating but are not members of the church should be added by hand to the list.  That list should be submitted back to the stake young men presidency.  The stake president will sign each list and return it to the district.  No fees are needed as the church pays annual fees for each participant.

The result of this process is twofold.  First, your youth rosters will be accurate for reports generated through  Second, keeping rosters accurate during the year makes the charter renewal process simpler and cleaner.






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