Duty to God

Updated 4/25/16   NEW items in red. 

“Wherefore we labored diligently among our people, that we might persuade them to come unto Christ, and partake of the goodness of God . . .”  Jacob 1:7

Along with the scriptures and For the Strength of Youth, the Duty to God program will help a young man fulfill his Aaronic Priesthood duties and develop spiritual habits to last a lifetime.

The basic principles of Duty to God include Learn, Act and Share.  Young men should first, Learn a gospel principle individually, with his parents, with other quorum members, or together as a quorum.  He then Acts in two ways.  First, he ponders the principles he has learned.  This allows the spirit to further impress upon his heart and mind.  He also develops a plan to integrate those principles into his life.  After completing his plan to Act, he then Shares what he has learned.  This is where the young man essentially bears his testimony on a gospel principle.

The title of the pamphlet is actually, “Fulfilling My Duty to God”.  The ‘fulfilling’ description implies that this is an ongoing process not just an effort made once to check a box.  Through regular and faithful efforts, the young men will develop habits and patterns to help them throughout their lives.  They should be continually “Learning”  “Acting”  and “Sharing”.

Each quorum has its own set of unique requirements, but they all share the same 3 main topical headings:  Spiritual Strength, Priesthood Duties, and For the Strength of Youth.  Priests have an additional section entitled, “Preparing to Receive the Melchizedek Priesthood”.   Activities within each Topical Heading advance line upon line as a young man advances from Deacon to Teacher to Priest.

Ultimately each young man is responsible for his own progress through Duty to God.  Where possible, parents provide primary guidance and encouragement.  Young men advisors provide support and assist in facilitating opportunities to Learn gospel principles and to Share relevant experiences.  We encourage advisors to focus on Duty to God activities during Sunday quorum meetings rather than during week night mutual activities.

Tracking progress through Duty to God is primarily the responsibility of parents and young men.  Young men advisors can assist in this by regularly communicating what has been done in quorum meetings with parents.  Tracking can be done in the young man’s physical booklet, online through his Gospel Library, through an “etrailtoeagle” website (if your ward uses this resource), or through other tracking solutions that work well for your ward (like a google doc).  However you track progress it seems to be most effective if it’s consistent across all quorums.

Each month, the Come Follow Me curriculum has suggestions on how to integrate Duty to God principles and requirements (typically located at the bottom of the page outlining each month’s topic).

Follow this link to the Duty to God Portal where you will find requirements for each quorum, video instructions on how to start, and other related resources.

Ideas from other wards:

  • call a Duty to God specialist to assist in motivating boys in each quorum, help track progress, and to assist parents in understanding their roles
  • combine quorums monthly for a Duty to God lesson as part of the Come Follow Me curriculum
  • create an annual plan with specific Duty to God topics & requirements to cover by each quorum every month




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2018 Theme: “Learn of me, and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my Spirit, and you shall have peace in me” Doctrine and Covenants 19:23