Quorum Presidencies

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For him to whom these keys are given there is no difficulty in obtaining a knowledge of facts in relation to the salvation of the [young] men.” (D&C 128:11)

On this page you will find:

  • Overview
  • Quorum Presidency Duties
  • Strengthening YM Through Quorums
  • Links to Church Training Videos
  • Links to Other Helpful Resources


Aaronic Priesthood keys are held by the presidents of the Priest, Teachers, and Deacons quorum.   It is their priesthood duty to seek inspiration from God and to provide leadership and direction to their quorum members.  Quorum presidencies should provide opportunities for all quorum members to experience spiritual growth.  It is the responsibility of the adult advisors to provide guidance and hands-on assistance in seeing that the quorum presidencies learn how to fulfill these stewardships.

The Aaronic Priesthood section of the Church Handbook of Instructions Book 2 refers to Quorum Presidency members as “quorum  leaders”.  It also refers to adults assisting them as “advisors”.  This distinction is intentional.  Adults should not just tell the boys what they need to do and see if they can figure it out.  Rather, they should advise, guide, coach, teach, and shepherd.  A helpful article on providing Shadow Leadership with young men effectively illustrates this concept.

Quorum Presidency Duties

  • Section 8.3.2 of the Church Handbook of Instructions Book 2, outlines the key duties of Aaronic Priesthood quorum presidencies.  These include:
    • teach other quorum members their duties
    • watch over fellow quorum members
    • provide quorum members with assignments and opportunities for spiritual growth
    • hold regular presidency meetings
    • conduct quorum meetings
    • help plan quorum meetings and activities
    • help quorum members set and achieve goals within Duty to God
    • may give instruction during quorum meetings
    • serve on the Bishops Youth Committee
  • A helpful practice is for the quorum presidency to facilitate a brief “reflection” after every quorum or scout activity.  The purpose of this is to find a connection or a link between what they just experienced and a gospel principal.  It may be challenging at first, but the boys will figure it out and it will help them see how the gospel applies to them daily.
  • As adult advisors to the young men quorums and their respective presidencies your primary role is to guide and shepherd them.  They should have enough experiences and responsibility to see real growth.  They should learn how to plan, conduct, and preside at a meeting.  They should learn how to delegate.  They should learn how to identify and help rescue those quorum members in need.  They should learn their Duty to God and how to make and keep sacred covenants.  None of this happens immediately and growth will be seen throughout the 6 years as a member and leader of Aaronic Priesthood quorums.

Strengthening Young Men Through Quorums

Links to Church Training Videos

Link to church quorum presidency training videos:  scroll down the page to find information on each of the following topics:

  • instruction from the Church Handbook of Instructions on quorum presidency duties and responsibilities
  • videos and instruction on how to conduct a quorum presidency meeting
  • videos and instruction on how to conduct Sunday quorum meetings
  • guidance on how to fellowship all quorum members
  • thoughts on how quorum presidencies can help quorum members fulfill their duty to God
  • outline of duties relating to quorum activities and scouting

Links to Other Helpful Resources


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