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“Scouting should be a laboratory, not a lecture; purposeful, not casual; strategic, not haphazard; and spiritually strengthening, not merely entertaining.”  (Bradley D. Harris, “Trails to Testimony”, p. 42)

This page is specifically designed for brethren called to serve as a Troop/Team/Crew leader or assistant.  Those serving as unit commissioners, scout committee chairs, or bishopric counselors should follow the appropriate link to their specific pages. 

What You’ll Find On This Page

Materials have been prepared for you to cover the first 30, 60 and 90 days of your calling, with additional training over the first 6 months.  Hopefully after the first 3 months in your calling you will understand the basics of your stewardship in scouting and in supporting the young men in their Aaronic Priesthood responsibilities.  As always, the training doesn’t stop there!  There will be plenty of additional opportunities for you to build on this initial work.  A complete outline of this 90 day overview is below.

Link to BSA Adult Application Form.  Fill out, sign, submit to your scout committee chair or unit commissioner along with a copy of your Youth Protection Training certificate.

New Advisor Overview

Thank you for accepting the call to serve with the young men of our stake.  You are on the cusp of experiences that can forever change the lives of the young men you interact with.  And you’ll likely find that along the way your life will change as well.  You are invited to embrace the experiences you will have in Sunday quorum meetings and in the outdoors.  By serving in this capacity you have the opportunity to help  young men experience spiritual growth, gain self-confidence, and learn about priesthood leadership.


Why Scouting? 

We recognize many of you may not have scouting backgrounds, or perhaps did not have favorable experiences in scouting.  It is important for all of us to learn and understand why the brethren continue to support scouting and have asked that we integrate its programs into all 3 Aaronic Priesthood quorums.  Refer to the Scouting and Priesthood tab on this website for additional thoughts.

Orientation for New Advisors

Your Stewardship:  Adults serving in the young men organization also serve as scouting leaders.  Each of you are encouraged to purchase and wear a scout uniform for your respective scouting unit (troop, team, crew), receive the proper BSA training, register with the BSA as an adult leader, attend roundtable and continue to pursue other training opportunities.

Uniform:  all scout leaders are asked to purchase, wear, and properly “outfit” a uniform based on the unit you’re working with.  To help with this, refer to THIS scout webpage for a look at the basic uniform and where to place patches.

Required BSA Training:  To be considered “Trained” in your scouting position you must complete the following 3 courses.  This is the minimum training you should expect to receive!  Once completed you can and should wear the “Trained” patch beneath your position patch on your sleeve.

  • Scoutmaster and Assistants:
    • Scoutmaster Specific (in person, valid for life)
    • Youth Protection (online, valid for 2 years)
    • Introduction to Outdoor Skills (IOLS) (in person, overnight, valid for life)
  • Varsity Coach and Assistants:
    • Youth Protection (online, valid for 2 years)
    • Recommended:  Introduction to Outdoor Skills (IOLS) (in person, overnight, valid for life)
  • Venturing Advisor and assistants:
    • Youth Protection (online, valid for 2 years)
    • Recommended:  Introduction to Outdoor Skills (IOLS) (in person, overnight, valid for life)

NEW–One-page summary of training required by BSA position (related to the Troop, Team, Crew, Committees, and Chartered Org Rep) and training required for various activities (including camping, boating, swimming, backpacking, climbing and flying)


  1. If you haven’t already done so, complete and submit an Adult BSA Application form.  This is a hard copy form available from your bishopric counselor or ward’s unit commissioner.
  2. Create an account at to complete online training and to access other materials.
  3. Take Youth Protection Training (YPT) through your account at   This must be completed every 2 years to maintain your BSA registration.  If your YPT expires you will be dropped as a BSA leader and will have to reapply.
  4. Take the BSA Fast Start Training (online through your account)
  5. Visit scouting’s Training website for an outline & additional details of training that is available.
  6. Review the Training tab of this web site and make plans to take the in-person Leader Specific course for your particular calling (Scoutmaster and respective assistants) AND the IOLS course which is an overnight training required for all scouting leaders.
  7. Scout Committee Chairs and other Troop Committee members should take the Troop Committee Challenge online through your account).  Scoutmasters, and Advisors also serve on the Committee and should also take this course which lasts about 1 hour.
  8. Review stake, church and BSA policies as outlined on this site.
  9. Browse around this stake YM web site and familiarize yourself with the types of resources that it offers.
  10. Read:  Becoming a Trained Scout Leader
  11. Read: Overcoming the Traditions of the Past
  12. Read: Church Handbook of Instructions, Book 2, sections 1,2,3,8 and 13.  Focus on sections 8.2, 8.3.4, 8.11, 8.12, 8.13.4.  These provide an overview and guiding principles of your stewardship as an Aaronic Priesthood advisor.  Describes responsibilities for Quorum Leaders (youth) and Quorum Advisors (adults).  Consider the verbs that are used to describe role of adult advisors.
  13. Read the green LDS Scouting Handbook for descriptions of church policies toward scouting and its relation to the priesthood.  Focus on section 5.2.   This handbook is 8 pages long.


  1. Scouting: Review the New Leaders Guide at for an overview related to your specific scouting position.
  2. Duty to God:  Proper implementation of the Duty to God program helps a young man create a foundation of spiritual habits. Become familiar with its requirements and purpose through videos, talks, and other information by clicking HERE for more information available via this website.
  3. Teaching the Gospel in the Savior’s Way:  The gospel is taught to the youth of the church very differently than it was taught even 3 years ago. Prayerfully study and review the modules and sections in the following website to learn how to involve youth in teaching the gospel.  Click HERE for an overview of this manual and Come Follow Me available on this site.
  4. Come Follow Me:  Companion guide to “Teaching the Gospel in the Savior’s Way”, this guide essentially replaces the old lesson manuals used for Sunday Quorum lessons.  “Come Follow Me” offers outlines for monthly topics of discussion and guidance on how to teach youth with the spirit. Become familiar with Come Follow Me by clicking HERE for more information available on this site.
  5. Read:  Purpose of Scouting & Aaronic Priesthood is to Bring Young Men to Christ 
  6. Read:  Scouting and the Aaronic Priesthood should be a Spiritual Training Camp
  7. Become familiar with other e-training opportunities offered by BSA through your account at as they relate to activities that you may end up doing with the youth.  For example, at least one adult attending your overnight campout must have taken Hazardous Weather training in order for the Denver Council to issue a tour permit for your activity.


  1. Take the Leader Specific course for your particular calling (Scoutmaster, Varsity, Venture, and respective assistants).
  2. Take the IOLS outdoor training course within the first 3-6 months of your calling.
  3. Varsity Coaches (and their youth quorum members) take Varsity Vision training within first 3-6 months of your calling.
  4. Review Aaronic Priesthood section of  From this portal you can access many training resources.  This will become your main portal for Aaronic priesthood matters.  Content changes and is updated regularly so return often. Click HERE.
  5. Youth section of  this is the main portal for all youth of the church. It contains links to teaching resources, Duty to God, Gospel Topics and missionary preparation among others. It also contains Mormon Messages with topics of greater interest to the youth. Click HERE.
  6. Youth Activities section of  There are 3 main resources on this page: how to plan activities, categories of activities with ideas on how to implement them, and the ability to automatically add calendar items to the stake/ward calendars & email youth and parents of youth.  Click HERE.


  1. 2012 and 2013 Young Men Auxiliary Training:  Worldwide training focused on the young men organization. In total there are 11 modules totaling 2 hours. Provides practical answers to some common questions advisors have. There is a drop down menu in the top right to toggle between 2012 and 2013 modules.  Click HERE.
  2. 2014 Young Men Auxiliary Training:  Worldwide training conducted in two parts.  Part 1 covers learning and teaching in the home and the church. Part 2 is auxiliary specific and has a separate module for young men advisors.  Click HERE.
  3. Worldwide Leadership Training: Training: General counsel and training from members of the Quorum of 12 Apostles.  2013 is found at the following link with a drop down menu at the top to find all prior years.  Click HERE.
  4. Read:  Oct. 2011 General Conference address by Matthew O. Richardson, “Teaching after the Manner of the Spirit”
  5. Read: Oct. 2013 General Conference address by David M. McConkie, “Teaching with the Power and Authority of God”

Links to Other Aaronic Priesthood and BSA Resources




2018 Theme: “Learn of me, and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my Spirit, and you shall have peace in me” Doctrine and Covenants 19:23